The Usual Suspects

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Honey Pale Ale – Crisp with a distinct honey note on front of the palate before a clean finish.  Another great summer beer to enjoy with friends and family at a BBQ.

Headbasher IPA – West coast hops, malted wheat, one of our most hoppy ales.  Citra, Simcoe, and Falconer’s Flight on the front and around 40 IBUs to balance without overwhelming the palate.

Voyager English Ale – Ale in the traditional or English style with flavor and aroma hops taking the lead over bitterness to stand alongside a toasty malt profile.  American and English malts paired with English hops for an earthier, maltier IPA

Arcana Brown Ale – Brown ale with a strong backbone of English hop to balance the malt sweetness.  More bold than a lot of browns while not being overpowering.

Annabelle’s Umber Ale – Amber ale meets Porter for a fuller bodied, malty brew that has a dark brown hue with roasty notes and a drier finish.  Uses English, German, and American malts with a mellow dose of English hops.

Infinity Stout – Roasty semi-sweet stout with notes of coffee, dark malt, and roasted barley.  Check the draft list for special-release versions coming up with extra doses of Chocolate, Expresso, and other tasting additions.

Marley’s Ghost Ale – Dark American Strong Ale reveling in chocolate, coffee, oak, and carmelly toffee notes.

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