Growler Policy & Care

We will fill 32oz and/or 64oz growlers of any material from other establishments and/or generic growlers, provided they can be relabeled, are undamaged, fully seal-able, and are clean. No scungy growlers people!

Growler Care & Maintenance:
•Drink your beer within 24-72 hours for optimal freshness.  People often store filled growlers longer, but we still recommend 1-3 days.  Once opened, consume the remainder of the beer as soon as possible within 24 hours lest the remaining beer lose it’s awesomeness.
•Always rinse your growler promptly after it has been emptied.  You want it to be free of any residual beer smell – usually two to three quick rinses in the sink will do the job.  Avoid soap and bleach lest they leave a residue.
•Please store your rinsed and drained growler OPEN!  This helps preserve the quality of the rubber gaskets and allow for air-drying.  Washing dust out is far easier than trying to scrub out mildew.

Graphical Growler Filling and Not-Filling Examples:

Will Fill Growler Examples 20140419



Growler Filling Policy:
• Stainless steel growlers: unbranded/generic and non-brewery-branded (generics, bike company, hiking company, etc.) 32oz and 64oz stainless steel growlers can be filled and tagged for the brewery.
• Dirty growlers: if your growler is dirty/moldy/filled-with-chunky-stuff/or-in-any-way-too-grubby then we won’t be able to fill it for quality reasons. We give all growlers a rinse in the sink to cool them and knock out dust, but if there is still contamination in the growler then you’ll just need to pick up a fresh growler or clean yours out for next time.
• Broken growlers: a growler will last a long time if well taken care of, but glass growlers are still glass and need to be treated accordingly. Keep them cool, out of direct light, and safe from clinking, shaking, dropping, sketchy roommates, etc. lest they become damaged or accumulate too much pressure. Please handle them safely to enjoy many years of service.

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