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Hi everybody!  You can join our mailing list for brewery news and events via our Email Signup Page, or contact us directly by email below:

We look forward to hearing from you ^_^

If you are writing about coasters, stickers, bottle caps, etc., we only have limited numbers available, but sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the brewery is your best bet when we do have them in stock.

If you are with a charity or non-profit, please understand that we can only afford to participate in a limited number of such events and you will need to book them well in advance. Please provide your and your organizations names and contact data, information about the event for us to review, and three months notice.

If you’re selling something, odds are good that we’ve already got one, already pay to license it, and/or already have a vendor we’re happy using.

At the moment, we are fully staffed but thank you for your interest.

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